Sandara Park on Possible 2NE1 Reunion: “Maybe Not Now”

Now may not be the right time, but that doesn’t mean “never.”

After being excited about the possibility of a 2NE1 reunion on JTBC’s Stage K just earlier this month, 2NE1’s Sandara Park has now begun to lower Blackjack’s expectations of that reunion happening any time soon.

Dara pictured for Penshoppe


In a series of Instagram comments, Dara has effectively let Blackjacks know that now isn’t the right time for a 2NE1 reunion. In repsonse to a fan asking to “make 2NE1 happen again,” Dara simply responded “maybe not now [praying hands emoji]”

Replying to another fan’s comment she assured Blackjacks that 2NE1 still loves them, but that a reunion will have to wait until “when the right time comes”.

Fans have been growing ever more curious of a 2NE1 reunion in the weeks leading up to Park Bom‘s Dream Concert appearance and 2NE1’s 10th Anniversary. Blackjacks hoped that the group would be able to celebrate together on stage once more, but appreciate of Dara’s honesty.

This sudden change in tune from the ever-hopeful Dara has fans now speculating that 2NE1’s label to which both Dara and CL are still signed, YG Entertainment, has something to do with it.

While now may not be right time, Blackjacks have vowed to never stop patiently waiting for the right time while supporting each members’ solo activities.