Sandara Park Thanks Black Jacks For Supporting Her Throughout Her Live Speech

After expressing her feelings and insecurities on Talking Street, 2NE1’s Sandara Park has reassured fans in one of her latest SNS updates. 

On January 18th, Sandara Park participated in the filming of Talking Street where she initially disclosed how she felt like 2NE1’s least talented member, as well as her life in the Philippines. The touching confession during the filming caused some concern from her fans, she said goodbye on a positive note and playfully teased a small part from their upcoming track, “Goodbye.”

A few hours after the filming, however, she updated her personal Instagram account with a clarification.

I’m leaving now!!! Thank you to everyone who came to the talk busking even though it was very cold today~

There were some familiar faces and some new faces, but it felt like many Blackjacks came. I was in a very cautious position. Because I couldn’t speak properly, I’m worried that each word I said could’ve been conveyed wrong and have been misunderstood. I hope that’s not the case, I am very glad I could show myself today after a long time. Everyone get home safely… good night!!!

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Sandara Park initially described her appearance on the program as a conversation she never had with her fans.