Sandara Park’s Recent “Video Star” Appearance Has Fans Worried About Her Health

Could it be a thyroid gland issue?

In a recent episode of MBC‘s Video Star, former 2NE1 member Sandara Park appeared as one of the hosts.

While leading the show with interesting questions, however, Sandara drew attention to the “unusual swelling” around her neck.

Her neck appeared to be quite swollen, especially compared to her TV appearances from December 2020. And the swelling has fans worried for her health.

  • “Please go and get it checked out at the hospital.”
  • “Okay, that looks like it needs to be checked out.”
  • “There is something going on with her neck…”

Her appearance in not only Video Star, but also KBS‘s Problem Child In House is fueling similar speculations about her condition. In the Problem Child In House episode, Sandara Park talked about “having successfully gained over 15 pounds” when it has always been her “life goal to put on some weight“.

“I have never weighed over 39 kilograms.” | KBS

Sandara Park’s fans are concerned that she might be developing a thyroid gland issue, which is most often diagnosed with symptoms like puffiness and unusual weight gain.

  • “Does she have hypertrophy from a thyroid gland issue?”
  • “That looks like a problem with the thyroid gland.”
  • “Someone I know has hyperthyroidism and her neck looks just like that.”

Sandara Park has not addressed the growing concerns, but her fans wish her well nonetheless.

Watch the clip in question below:

Source: theqoo