Sandeul Cried For A Month Because Of B1A4’s Contract Renewal

He shared his true feelings about their contract renewal.

B1A4‘s Sandeul revealed on Radio Star that he once cried at home for a whole month without ever leaving the house.


The reason that he was so depressed was because of B1A4’s contract renewal. The members and the agency were in a long discussion over the renewal, but members Jinyoung and Baro ultimately decided to leave the company so that they can follow their own paths.


The whole process took a toll on Sandeul as he didn’t want to leave his house, but instead, cried at home alone.

“I never left the house for that month. I never left to go outside. It was during the time we were renewing our contracts. A lot of thoughts ran through my mind.

I wondered how we got to a place where we all don’t agree with the same thing. I just really didn’t like it. I didn’t want to go outside or talk to anyone. I just stayed home.”

— Sandeul


Eventually, the rest of his members dragged him out to actually sit down and talk it through together. Together, they were able to let go of a lot of pent up feelings and find happiness together.

“I was watching TV one day, when I wondered to myself, ‘What am I doing right now?’ I started crying. I knew that I couldn’t stay like this. It was around that time when my members, CNU and Gongchan, contacted me. They told me to come out so we can talk about it.

We met and talked it out. And I was able to smile and have fun again.”

— Sandeul


The three members decided to hold a fan meeting to officially announce the change to their fans. As they were apologizing to the fans for failing to continue with all five members, Gongchang broke out in tears as he bawled in front of his fans.

“I’m not the type to openly express that I’m having a hard time, that’s why I just stayed home. But my members didn’t say anything at all about [our contract renewal] either.

They held it all in until we had a fan meeting. At the end, we apologized to our fans that we couldn’t continue with all 5 members, and I suddenly heard ‘AHHH!’ from behind me.

I’m not exaggerating, it was a loud ‘AHHH!’ It wasn’t even through the mic. Gongchan was bawling behind me. I’ve seen him cry many times before, but he cried so loudly for the first time because that’s how sad he was.

He didn’t have any mic on but his cries filled the concert hall. He basically held everything in so long that he just burst at the fan meeting.”

— Sandeul


Through the long hardship of contract renewal discussions, all B1A4 members were heartbroken yet expectant of each other’s future. But BANAs all know that the five brothers will one day reunite together to make the OT5!

“We will continue to discuss and we won’t rule out the possibility of a five-member reunion in the future.”

— WM Entertainment