“All Signs Point To Moonbin” — Here’s Why ASTRO Sanha’s Cover Of “Neko” Is So Definitely Dedicated To Moonbin

From the title to the lyrics…

ASTRO’s Sanha just released a cover of the Japanese song, “Neko.” Although there was no mention of it in the video title or tweet, the video was clearly dedicated to the late member Moonbin.

Every detail was painstakingly planned for him. The cover was released precisely at 1.26am KST. This is known as “Moonbin time,” due to his birthday being on January 26 (1/26).

Tweet posted at Moonbin time.

The song title also means “cat.” One of Moonbin’s nicknames is “cat-puppy,” with Sanha even leaving a drawing of a cute cat in his tribute to Moonbin at his memorial.

Sanha’s tribute to Moonbin. | theqoo

The video also features the lyrics to the song, translated to Korean. Sanha personally wrote out the lyrics for the video. He also edited the original lyrics which called for a reference to “you.” Sanha changed “you” to “hyung” instead.

Lyrics for the song.

If Hyung is an abandoned cat, I would hug you tight in my embrace. If you got hurt, I will wipe the wound, and give you new warmth with all my strength. I miss you… I can’t forget you, Hyung. Please appear before me, even if it’s by becoming a cat. Please suddenly appear in front of me, someday. I will definitely become happy again.

— Lyrics for “Neko”

What really got fans in their feels was this screenshot of the group’s group chat.

It showed the “1” that never disappeared even as time went by. The “1” on KakaoTalk stands for one person not having read the message yet. Although the group continues to be active and chat amongst themselves, Moonbin will never read their messages, and never reply.

Sanha never directly mentions the name “Moonbin.” However, in his note to fans in the description box, he talks about his feelings.

I cried when I first heard this song. It seemed to tell the story of how I feel. That’s why I wanted to sing it. Everyone, me, my family, the members, our AROHA, will all be happy. It’s a must.

— Sanha

Catch the beautiful tribute below.