Sapporo Love Hotel Murder: Severed Head Of The Victim Found In A Family Home

An entire family is suspected to be involved in the crime.

Earlier in July, a Japanese man’s headless body was discovered inside a “love hotel” bathroom in Sapporo, Japan. The victim, identified as 62 years old Hitoshi Ura, had entered the hotel at 10:50 pm on July 1 with a companion, and the next day, his lifeless, naked body was discovered by hotel staff.

The love hotel where the victim was found | ANNnewsCH/YouTube

Since then, the Japanese police have tried to track down the companion who entered the establishment with Ura but left the room around 2 am. She was caught on the security cameras leaving the hotel wearing a wide-brimmed black hat and dark clothing, and she also carried a large suitcase and a backpack.

On Tuesday, July 26, the police discovered the severed head of Ura at a family home inhabited by a doctor, his wife, and their daughter. The father and daughter were already arrested on Monday on suspicion of decapitating a body. The mother was taken in the next day.

Members of the press gathered outside the Sapporo house where Ura’s decapitated head was found | Kyodo News

The daughter, identified as 29-year-old Runa Tamura, is suspected to be the woman who accompanied Ura into the hotel and carried out the murder, along with the subsequent beheading. Since the police found no signs of a third person’s entry into the hotel room where Ura was found, they believe that Runa carried out the murder alone.

Police escort Runa Tamura away from a police station in Sapporo on Monday | AP

Her 59-year-old father, Osamu Tamura, allegedly helped his daughter carry the severed head out of the hotel. He is suspected of driving Runa to and from the hotel before and after the alleged crime. Runa’s mother, Hiroko Tamura, was arrested under the suspicion that she was a co-conspirator who helped store Ura’s severed head in their home in Sapporo.

After Ura’s body was found at the hotel, an autopsy report revealed that he had died from hemorrhagic shock from a stab wound. The beheading didn’t take place until after his death. All of his personal belongings, including his cell phone and clothes, were missing, which the police suspect was taken by Runa.

Forensic authorities going inside the love hotel for investigation on July 2 | ANNnewsCH/YouTube

Osamu Tamura is a locally revered figure. He is the head of the psychiatric department of a general hospital in Sapporo and is also known for his sincere character. He often volunteered to help people with heavy debts with financial advice. After his arrest on Monday, the director of his hospital told the media that they had no knowledge of Tamura’s alleged crimes and are ready to cooperate with the police investigation.

Investigators believe that Runa Tamura knew Ura personally, but they are yet to unearth the nature of their relationship and the motive of the Tamura family to kill the man.

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