Sasaeng Fan Reveals Baekhyun’s Phone Number Incident Was Their Fault, Not Baekhyun’s

“To everyone I’ve offended and hurt, I am really sorry.”

February of 2018, EXO‘s Baekhyun went under tremendous fire after he disclosed a phone number during his live broadcast. The number, which he believed to belong to a “sasaeng (사생)”, seemed to have belonged to an innocent citizen. When the citizen complained of Baekhyun being careless, the K-Pop idol had to publicly apologize for his actions.

Baekhyun Gives Out A Sasaeng Fan’s Phone Number On Live Broadcast

“Sasaengs” are so-called fans who are extreme in their behaviors as to get attention from their celebrities. These “sasaengs” do not mind violating privacy, getting physical, and causing everyone else inconveniences.


Since then, this incident took a wild turn when a Twitter account “Rose” came forward, claiming to be the “sasaeng” behind the disruptive phone calls during Baekhyun’s controversial live broadcast.


The user confirmed that the phone number which Baekhyun revealed during the live broadcast did indeed belong to them and that they pretended their family to be victims of Baekhyun’s action. The user uploaded a long statement, explaining his/her identity and asking for EXO and EXO-Ls’ forgiveness.

“Hello, this is Rose. It’s Nabom=LoveNi=Rose.

I apologize for the late response. I deleted my original accounts after receiving DMs that pointed out the truth about me. When ‘BH’ disclosed the phone number during the broadcast, I tweeted that my family member is receiving a lot of phone calls, and I requested not to call my family. I received DMs that asked how my family would be a victim when the number did belong to me and I called him. I was lying about that, I apologize.

I should have explained, but instead I deleted that account. Then I created another account, LoveNi, and pretended all is well. As I tweeted though, I made a mistake of revealing my identity and people found out LoveNi is Nabom. I deleted that account as well, without explaining anything.

For a while I’ve been making and deleting accounts as needed. This Rose account is one of them. I’ve been using this account to tweet like nothing is wrong. I’m so sorry that I’ve deleted all my previous accounts without explaining myself.

I apologize to everyone whom I have hurt, after what I said about BH’s live broadcast. I also apologize about the negative comments I’ve tweeted on my private accounts about EXO members. To everyone I’ve offended and hurt, I am really sorry.”

— Twitter @rosekai__


The user apologized to Baekhyun and his fans for causing such distress.

“I’m truly sorry for hurting Baekhyun so much. Again, I sincerely apologize.”


EXO-Ls are furious at the user. The apology tweet is receiving an unending threads of criticism for what he/she has done to Baekhyun — and how he had to “apologize for something that he didn’t do.”

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  • “I’m amazed at how you just spread lies and continue with your life knowing that you’ve damaged someone’s reputation. You’re not even being responsible. Don’t apologize to us but instead to Baekhyun himself.”

  • “How can you do this, if you call yourself a fan? The incident was all over Twitter. It had articles written about it. How did it feel to watch all that? If you are truly a fan, it was your group that was under fire for this. Were you laughing at what happened? I don’t know what you must think of EXO to possibly have done something this rude.”

  • “Aren’t you tired ? Why are still so obsessed with Baekhyun and EXO? The big damages you made will never be erased and you don’t even realize how much you have hurt people. This is not an apology either to us nor the victim. This a horrible way to be a human, think before acting.”

  • “My idol apologized. Your apology will not make any difference now. The amount of pain you have caused to him and us isn’t something we will forget. Don’t be so immature again.”

  • “Kerries aren’t going to file a sue against this person? Please, you can take this person to court. Don’t stay with your arms crossed, please. This person deserves punishment. Please, please, please, please, take this person to jail.”

  • “You know what’s disappointing? The fact that you called yourself an EXO-L. You caused so much unnecessary controversy that hurt Baekhyun for attention. Do you have no pride at all? Don’t call yourself an EXO-L please. No EXO-L in their right mind would make him suffer.”

  • “Baekhyun apologized publicly on his Instagram. At the time, he received so much hate and criticism. He was accused of violating privacy laws. People said he should be taken to face the law. When he was the victim of stalking the whole time! Because of you. Don’t you dare call him by his initials. You should respect him by apologizing correctly. I hope you reflect on everything you’ve done wrong and feel horrible.”