EXO-Ls Enraged At Sasaeng Fan Who Revealed An Old Photo Of Chen On A Date

It’s invading his privacy.

A sasaeng fan has released an old photo of EXO‘s Chen and his fiancé.

The “fan” took a picture of the two on a private date.


The photo was taken in 2018 and only shared now following the idol’s marriage announcement.


Chen’s letter sharing his marriage.

EXO-Ls are understandably upset that the sasaeng invaded his privacy.


Acts such as spamming other member’s accounts, releasing private photos, and more are too much.


They further agree that it is a good thing that many Korean fan accounts of Chen’s are closing as they are usually led by sasaeng.


EXO-Ls are reminding each other that sasaeng fans are not true fans.


Real fans, they say, love their idols for who they are.

Source: Pann

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