SATURDAY Reveal The Extreme Measures They Took To Eat While Dieting

TWICE’s Momo & Sana went through a similar scenario in the past…

Together, dance performance director Hem, vocal director Hyeon PD, former BIGFLO member Kichun, and idol trainer Insung make up HEMFEEEDOM CREW on YouTube. This week, the team sat down for an interview with girl group SATURDAY, who revealed the extreme lengths they recently went to in order to eat while dieting.

Formed under SD Entertainment, SATURDAY debuted back in 2018, slowly cultivating a fanbase in Korea and beyond over the years. Today, the five-member group made a comeback with new song “Only You”.

As is typical for K-Pop idols, SATURDAY’s comeback preparation for “Only You” didn’t only include song recordings and dance rehearsals. The group also went on a diet to prepare themselves physically.

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Since it’s the comeback, you must be on diet. Any desire for the food these days? Its ok, just tell us with honesty.


At first, the members were reluctant to reveal the secrets of their diet. However, Haneul (the group’s leader, main rapper, main dancer and visual) soon piped up with a story that even the SD Entertainment boss hadn’t heard yet.


We were not going to say this but… even our boss does not know this yet…

— Haneul

Haneul started by explaining that SATURDAY had been on a really strict diet while preparing for their comeback. Unsurprisingly, she shared that the members were “so hungry” as a result of their restricted eating plan.


We wanted to eat chicken and pizza.

— Haneul

Struck with a late-night craving for calorie-laden fast food, Haneul says the members ordered chicken delivery at midnight. However, since they were breaking the rules of their diet, the members couldn’t let the staff find out.

Haneul revealed that the group’s dorm has a security alarm for safety. When the members open the door, an alarm goes off. So, she explained, they “couldn’t possibly open the door” to receive and pay for the chicken when it arrived.


However, the hungry members quickly came up with an ingenious plan to eat their food without anyone finding out. To the incredulity of the HEMFREEDOM CREW team, Haneul revealed that they created a makeshift pulley device by “wrapping a basket with belt and clothes“. Then, they hung the basket out of the window and lowered it down to the delivery driver. With their credit card stuffed into the basket, the members called the delivery driver and asked him to process the payment then put the chicken in the basket.


The lengths SATURDAY went to just to eat fried chicken were so extreme, the hosts were in complete disbelief after hearing their story. But, according to the members, it’s completely true. Of course, they’re not the only idols who have been pushed to such crazy lengths because of diet hunger. TWICE‘s Momo and Sana once made a rope out of shoelaces to lower money down through a window to a jokbal delivery driver.

Source: HEMFREEDOM CREW (YouTube) and SATURDAY(세러데이)/Twitter