SAVE KPOP: Broadway Show To Close Shortly After Its Opening

The cast will take their final bow this Sunday.

Broadway show KPOP‘s run is ending earlier than expected.

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KPOP is an original musical about the trials one must overcome to become a K-Pop idol. The musical previously started as an off-Broadway show in 2017. Previews began on October 13, 2022, and the show’s official opening was on November 20, 2022.

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It features an all-star cast including real K-Pop idols such as f(x)‘s LunaMiss A‘s MinSPICA‘s Bohyung, and former U-KISS member Kevin Woo.

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While KPOP had its official opening a couple of weeks ago, it has already been announced that its final performance will be this weekend.

Some of its cast have already taken their final bow.

Cast members Abraham Lim and Kevin Woo have openly expressed their disappointment over the news regarding KPOP‘s end.

Woo shared a video on his social media. He recognized the cast and crew’s achievements, making history with its AAPI-led show.

Additionally, he and many of his co-stars broke down in tears at the end of their recent show.

Actors and fans are still holding onto hope that somehow KPOP can be saved. So, many are trending #SaveKPOPBroadway on social media.

KPOP is an impactful show for the AAPI community. So, it’s incredibly devastating that its run is being cut so short.

One can’t help but search for answers as to why it is ending almost as soon as it began. Some might point to poor marketing or negative reviews from “reputable” publications.

KPOP‘s associate director Seonjae Kim posted her own response to the show’s end. She said it “isn’t any one person’s fault, not even Jesse Green’s.” 

Recently, KPOP cast and crew called out The New York Times‘ critic Jesse Green for his review of the show, saying that the language he used was racially insensitive. Read more below.

The New York Times Defends Critic’s Review Of “KPOP” After Being Called Out For “Racism”

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