Popular Celebrity Sayuri Exposes Korean Singer’s Sexual Harassment Then Apologizes For It — Netizens React

“Why is she apologizing? I’m so sad for her.”

Netizens consoled TV personality Sayuri after she apologized for revealing she had been sexually harassed.

Sayuri | Daum

On December 18, Sayuri uploaded a community post to her YouTube channel. In the post, Sayuri apologized to viewers and asked that they no longer speculate about a previous video in which she revealed a Korean singer had sexually harassed her.

Hello, this is Sayuri. A lot of people are speculating about the person whom I spoke about in this video, but none of the people mentioned are correct. I deeply apologize to the viewers and the people mentioned for saying something that could be misconstrued. I will be more careful of my actions and words. I bow my head again to apologize.

— Sayuri

Previously, Sayuri revealed that she was sexually harassed by a Korean singer 10 years ago.

He said, Sayuri, Korean people think Japanese people are dishonest and that he had never met an honest Japanese person. He then told me to tell him the truth before asking how many people I slept with

— Sayuri

Sayuri shared how scared she was since she was so young and was a foreigner in Korea before admonishing the singer for his disgusting behavior.

At the time, I was more scared than angry. I should have been upset, but I was young and Japanese (foreigner). I still get upset when I see the person singing on TV. I was so sad and upset that he would say something like that to a woman who was the same age as his daughter. I really struggled because of this. That person still comes on TV. I still have pain in my heart because of him.

— Sayuri

The issue has since gone viral, with many netizens expressing anger and support for Sayuri. Many netizens stated that she had nothing to be sorry for.

  • Why are you apologizing?
  • Sayuri, this isn’t Japan. The victim doesn’t need to apologize.
  • Why is she apologizing? I’m so sad for her.
  • Why is Sayuri apologizing???
  • Why is the victim apologizing? Investigate and expose him.
  • The victim has no reason to apologize. That f@cker needs to thank her for not exposing him. I hope he rots in hell.
  • Why is she apologizing?
  • She is a victim and has nothing to apologize for.
  • Why is the victim apologizing? Then, let’s expose the perpetrator to whom she is apologizing.
  • The people speculating are at fault. Sayuri has nothing to apologize for.
  • Why is Sayuri apologizing? She didn’t do anything wrong.

Meanwhile, Sayuri is a popular TV personality who is known for her honest and blunt remarks. You can watch Sayuri speak about her painful ordeal in the link below.

Source: theqoo