SBS Receives Backlash For Pinning A Hate Comment Regarding Song Ji Hyo’s “Boring Running Man” Presence

Are they agreeing with it or just pinning it?

SBS has started to receive criticisms after pinning a malicious comment targeting Song Ji Hyo.

Actress Song Ji Hyo.

Actress Song Ji Hyo has been part of the Running Man family for the past 11 years, as she proves her variety program abilities to both Korean and international fans. She has quickly become one of the show’s iconic characters, with her mong (dazed) expression solidifying itself as a weekly necessity.

Song Ji Hyo’s famous “mong” face | SBS

Despite her hard work and endearing antics every week, Song Ji Hyo has received hate comments during her 11 year variety show career, which comes with the territory of being a celebrity. However, it was a recent malicious comment and SBS‘s YouTube channel’s response that has started to belatedly make headlines.

A netizen left a hate-filled comment under one of SBS’s YouTube videos, sharing their thoughts on Song Ji Hyo’s “boring” presense.

Malicious comment | @스브스 옛날 예능/YouTube

And while SBS’s response was originally praised, it didn’t take long before netizens realized something unusual about the malicious comment. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that SBS’s YouTube channel had pinned the hate comment—allowing it to be seen by all of the other viewers, rather than letting it get hidden in the sea of other comments.

SBS pinning the comment | @스브스 옛날 예능/YouTube

Netizens believed this was not a smart move by SBS, as they shared their support for Song Ji Hyo while expressing their confusion towards the public broadcast company.

| theqoo
  • “On a public broadcast? I don’t think they pinned it with good intentions but rather, they’re egging it on.”
  • “Regardless of what their intentions may be, I don’t understand why a public broadcast’s YouTube channel would pin such a comment..? They’re crazy.”
  • “Is this the best they can do…I don’t think it was the best move;;”
  • “They did this so that the malicious commenter gets hounded. I think a lot of people missed the point.”
  • “I can’t help but wonder if they pinned it because they agreed with the comment.”
  • “They should delete the comment, not pin it. What kind of situation is this.”
  • “Their intentions don’t matter. They made a mistake pinning that comment.”
Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man” | SBS

No explanation have been provided by SBS as the situation continues to make headlines.

Source: theqoo

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