Controversial K-Drama “Backstreet Rookie” Under Massive Fire For Airing A Racist Scene

“This is f*cking disgusting…”

Since its premiere mid-June 2020, SBS‘s new K-Drama Backstreet Rookie has been controversial — to say the least.

“Backstreet Rookie” Poster

In one of its most recent episodes, a scene captured a Nigerian customer using the convenient store…

… and encountering the cartoonist character Han Dal Sik.

Character Han Dal Sik

The interaction between the said customer and Han Dal Sik is under fire for being racist and stereotypical.

How did this even get pass the editing board [because] this is FUCKING DISGUSTING.

— Twitter @bts_SlaveSive

From the Korean man’s reaction when the Nigerian customer enters the store…

Oh, gosh…

— Korean Man

… to Han Dal Sik’s undeniable cultural appropriation…

We are Jamaican family!

— Character Han Dal Sik

… international viewers are outraged by Backstreet Rookie for producing and airing this scene.

In fact, some viewers have been uncomfortable with Han Dal Sik’s character since the very beginning…

… so the recent scene only “became proof” that Backstreet Rookie is indeed problematic.

SBS has not yet responded to the growing criticism. The viewers, however, continue to move together in “reporting” the scene to the channel and its people in charge.

Source: THEQOO, Pann Native and WikiTree