SBS Drama “Penthouse 2” Begins Next Week — Here Are All 9 Cameos Korea’s Top Celebrities Will Make In The Drama

Which cameo are you looking forward to the most?

SBS drama Penthouse 2 will begin on February 19, and while the entire main cast of the drama will return, there are also many special cameos being made by some of Korea’s most famous celebrities.

With the main cast including Eugene, Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, Bong Tae Gyu, Yoon Jong Hoon, Park Eun Seok, Kim Young Dae, Kim Hyun Soo, and the rest of the Penthouse adults and children all returning in some capacity for season 2, expectations are extremely high to see how the story will continue from season 1’s ending.

Nam Bo Ra was the most recent announcement for a cameo, and she will be making an appearance during the Cheonga Arts Festival, the catalyst to many major events in Season 2.

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Jang Sung Kyu, best known as the host of YouTube show Workman and a television personality, will also be making a cameo in the drama. He has a connection with Bong Tae Gyu, as the two are part of the cast for JTBC program Movie Room. His role in the drama has not been revealed yet.

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Lee Si Eon was confirmed to be making an appearance in Season 2 last week, and while his role is not confirmed, he has made numerous cameos in popular dramas before, including Hotel Del Luna and Kairos.

Bada will be making an appearance to support her fellow S.E.S member Eugene. She finished filming her cameo in early February, and again, while details are limited and SBS asks fans to confirm her role through the broadcast. While Bada rarely acts in dramas or movies, she has an extensive musical acting career alongside her activities as a soloist and idol.

Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin and his wife Ryu Yi Seo will be joining the drama, making a cameo appearance as another luxury couple who invites Kim Hyun Soo (Bae Rona) in recognition of her musical talents.

Lee Sang Woo will be making a cameo to support his wife, Kim So Yeon. While specific details were not announced, this will be the second time the couple appears in the same drama. In 2016, they both starred in MBC drama Happy Home, where they later developed a relationship and married in 2017.

Ahn Yeon Hong is a veteran actress who will be making her first cameo in a drama written by Penthouse‘s writer, Kim Soon Ok.

Former SBS announcer Kim Soo Min was announced to be making a cameo in Penthouse 2, but following her filming, she allegedly spoiled parts of the story on her YouTube channel. Following the alleged spoilers, she was let go from SBS.

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Check out the teaser for Penthouse 2 below:

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