SBS K-Pop Apologizes For Rude Remark Made About aespa’s Ningning During “Black Mamba” Performance

“Ugh, it’s f***ing out of sync.” — Staff Member

SBS K-Pop recently came under fire due to a remark made by a male staff member during aespa‘s performance of “Black Mamba”.

At the beginning of the song when the camera zoomed in on Ningning, a male staff member could be heard making the remark, “Ugh, it’s f***ing out of sync.

Many believed that this remark was made about Ningning, leading to a heated controversy online.

Some wondered what part about Ningning’s performance was out of sync, and if that was even possible since the performance had just begun.

Following the controversy, SBS K-Pop clarified that the remark was not actually about Ningning but was an unrelated conversation.

The video contained an unrelated conversastion of a staff member who was not involved in the filming. We’ve re-uploaded the video due to our negligence of checking for talking throughout the video.

— SBS K-Pop

They then concluded with an apology, promising to be more careful in the future.

We apologize to those who felt discomfort by this, and we promise to be more careful.

— SBS K-Pop

The related clip can be seen below:

Source: Dispatch