SBS News Releases New Shocking Text Messages Of Chuu Feuding With BlockBerry Creative Employees

The article follows a previous Dispatch exposé.

On December 22, SBS News released even more text messages between Chuu and employees of BlockBerry Creative. The text messages show a strained relationship between Chuu and the label.

Chuu | JoongAng Daily

Previously, Blockberry Creative parted ways with Chuu last month after claiming that she had committed an abuse of power in a workplace setting. After the lawsuit for an injunction to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract in March, Chuu had been working with the agency to readjust the settlement rate and to participate only in group activities.

LOONA | Economic Times

SBS News alleged that in the new text messages they received,  Chuu seemed to ask for preferential treatment to the detriment of other LOONA members. In one of the text messages, Chuu is seen berating her manager for not confirming an upcoming filming schedule with her.

  • Chuu: When I said that I was available for a day, I didn’t mean I was ok with wasting it. If it’s going to be like this, I’m not going to participate in group activities.
  • Chuu: Are you playing with the wait times? You sent the timetable to the group chat with the members without confirming with me. Count this as the last time.
  • Manager B: I think there was a lapse in communication. If you give us your opinion, we will do our best to respect it.
  • Chuu: From now on.
  • Manager B: Yes, I will be mindful from now on.

In another series of messages, Chuu can be seen threatening not to participate in a docuseries due to the waiting time. The manager is finally seen relenting and apologizing to Chuu and promising to work on minimizing the idol’s wait time in the future.

  • Chuu: I thought you wanted me to participate in the documentary.
  • Chuu: If you are going to make me wait like this.
  • Chuu: I
  • Chuu: am going to quit immediately.
  • Chuu: Seriously
  • Chuu: Do you think I am playing?
  • Chuu: If playing with my money wasn’t bad enough, you refuse to acknowledge your mistakes and keep trying to treat me as you’d like. I can see it.
  • Chuu: Starting from distributing the parts
  • Chuu: To the opening lines
  • Chuu: You know it all violates my contract, right?
  • Manager B: We will work on minimalizing your wait time during filming.
  • Chuu: I believe I’ve told you about waiting times before, but it seems nothing is being done
  • Manager B: From now on, we will work so this never happens again.
  • Manager B: I’m sorry.

During filming for the group’s “Season’s Greetings” goods sets, Chuu can be seen asking to look at the other member’s film schedules. Chuu then states the waiting time is too long and asks for the film schedule to work around her.

According to the manager in charge of the filming schedule, Chuu’s demands negatively affected other LOONA members.

For the group shot, we keep the member’s wardrobe and choreography in mind when making the schedule. However, due to Chuu deciding her schedule and telling her label that she would be leaving, her members were shocked. The other members’ feelings must’ve been hurt.

— Filming scheduler

  • Chuu: About the season’s greetings [shoot] next Monday, please send me the timetable before it’s put out.
  • Manager B: Sure, just a moment. We are arranging it to minimize the time Jiwoo-nim has to stay there. As soon as it’s out, we will send it to you first and also discuss it with you first.
  • Chuu: Not just the time but also for the season’s greetings.
  • Manager B: Yes. [file]. Take a look and if there’s anything you wish to be revised, please let us know.
  • Chuu: The time I have to participate is too long. Please change it so that I only have to stay until 7. Whether you bring forward the last group shot and let me leave first, I think you have to move it in that direction.
  • Manager B: Okay. I’ll arrange it and reply to you. Jiwoo-nim, we’ve checked about adjusting the schedule, and I think it’ll be difficult. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help. It’s difficult for me to do it on my end. If you can send an official request through your mother, I’ll be grateful.
  • Chuu: Okay~

  • Chuu: CEO, I’m not paying for the entire group’s debt, right?
  • CEO A: Of course not. If there’s anything you want to know, please write it out and send it to me. The individual departments will figure it out and let you know again. It seems like most of what you want to know is regarding payments, so I’ll discuss it with the accounting department and let you know.
  • Chuu: I’m talking to you about the payments again but in the future, leave me out of things bought for the dorm. I’m trying to get a house near the dorm with my family, so please exclude me from debts regarding the dorms.

This isn’t the first time Chuu made news due to her text messages. Earlier, Dispatch also released an exposé in which they revealed text messages from Chuu. The Dispatch article also revealed the accounting scheme BlockBerry Creative tried to pull, which eventually backfired and led to the court siding with Chuu.

Dispatch Releases Explosive Exposé On Chuu’s Feud With BlockBerry Creative — Text Messages Shed New Light On Fall Out

Source: SBS News
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