The Props Team For SBS’s “Penthouse” Might Be ARMYs — Here’s The Proof

Well, can you really blame them?

The second season of the hit SBS drama, Penthouse just premiered, and netizens have gathered photo evidence of why they believe the props team for the drama are actually fans of BTS.


The theory was raised when a prop was spotted during a scene when Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) was getting dressed for her concert.

“Penthouse 2” | SBS

In the shot was a gold shopping bag that read, “Jin & V”, which reminded many of members, Jin and V of BTS.

“Penthouse 2” | SBS


But that’s not all. What led netizens to believe the props team are ARMYs is the fact that a BTS-related prop was spotted in the first season as well.

During a scene shot in Bae Ro Na’s (Kim Hyun Soo) room, what looked to be an album with “BTS” written on it was captured on camera.

“Penthouse” | SBS

As a result of BTS-related props being spotted in both seasons, many are wondering if the props team of the drama are fans of BTS.

  • I feel like the producers are playing a game of “find the hidden drawing” with us.
  • The producers must be ARMYs.
  • They’re definitely adding BTS props on purpose.
“Penthouse” | SBS

It’s safe to say, many will be keeping an eye out to see if any more BTS-related props will be included in the episodes to come.

Penthouse 2 is currently airing on SBS on Fridays and Saturdays.

Source: Dispatch