SBS reports reveal new information about Shin Hae Chul’s death

SBS news has released updated reports on Shin Hae Chul’s cause of death as being the result of a hole in his small intestine left unkempt for an extended time period.

As reported on SBS exclusive news, SBS has acquired Asan Medical Center’s urgent operation record. The recorded facts confirmed for the first time that prior to Shin Hae Chul’s death, there was a hole in Shin Hae Chul’s small intestine that was left unkempt for a prolonged period of time. This resulted in serious pain for Shin Hae Chul. Finding the truth behind how this hole was formed would be the key to resolving the lawsuit pressed against the hospital for alleged medical malpractice.

The Asan Medical Center’s operation document recorded Shin Hae Chul’s urgent operation after a sudden cardiac arrest on October 22nd. The record shows that abdominal operation began for emergency care and found a 1cm hole around 7-8cm below the small intestine. Moreover, there were multiple food sediments flowing out from the hole. Due to the food sediments, the internal organs were already seriously inflamed.

Questions arose as to why the hole was not identified and treated earlier. Two possible theories exist: the first is that the hole was formed during Shin Hae Chul’s laparoscopic surgery for the adhesion in the intestine on October 17th; the second theory is that the hole might have been produced due to other reasons but was undiscovered during the recent laparoscopic surgery.

Meanwhile, over the course of three days since October 28th, over 10,000 fans visited Shin Hae Chul to say their farewell prior to his funeral. Shin Hae Chul, also known as “The King of Darkness” in South Korea, passed away on October 27th. It was reported that the singer passed away after receiving surgery on October 22nd after complaining of heart and abdominal pain.

Currently, the police investigators have confiscated the medical operation records and will proceed with the autospy in order to find the truth behind Shin Hae Chul’s cause of death.

Source: SBS News