SBS Shuts Down Controversy Regarding TWICE’s Recent Encore Performance

Everything was a big misunderstanding.

TWICE have recently been dealing with some controversy regarding their singing skills, as netizens have been quite critical of their recent encore performances.

This led to some controversy during TWICE’s recent encore performance for SBS‘s Inkigayo. Near the end of their performance, a voice can be heard mumbling some words. Some netizens assumed that it was one of the staff members mumbling, “They’re really bad at signing”.

This caused some ONCEs to get furious at the program and demanded an apology.

SBS soon released a video explaining the issue.

Regarding their apology and explanation, SBS clarified that everything was a big misunderstanding.

Thank you for supporting SBS’s KPOP channel. We would like to clarify the accusations made against us, that an SBS KPOP staff criticized TWICE’s performance during TWICE’s encore stage today. Long story short, it is a simple misunderstanding. We would, however, like to apologize for uploading the video without sorting out the overlapping audio and ultimately causing frustration.

— SBS KPOP Team Manager

SBS goes on to explain how the mumbling heard was due to an audio overlap.

To help you understand why the audio overlapped, we would like to explain to you how the Inkigayo live performances are broadcasted. With the show being live, we are unable to estimate the ending time. So we try to leave plenty of wiggle room for the encore performance. And while in the studio, the encore performance continues as long as it takes — since it is a special time for the singers and their fans. On television, the program cuts off mid-performance to air the trailers and commercials.

— SBS KPOP Team Manager

SBS also goes on to explain how audio is always being played, even before performances begin.

Hence, Inkigayo staff stay in the production room watching the title sequence play and monitoring the broadcast. This means, even when the singers leave the stage, the staff in the studio know that the show is still on the air. The PA continues to play the audio that is being broadcasted. If you’ve been to a live broadcasting studio, you may know this — the monitors are playing video and audio as early as 10 minutes before the performances begin. Now that we’ve explained the background, we’re going to explain the audio that created this controversy.

— SBS KPOP Team Manager

It turns out that the supposed mumbling heard was from a commercial, not a staff member.

The audio is actually not from a staff member. It’s part of a shopping application commercial script. The line reads, “Completing my elegant image”. That particular commercial started airing as soon as TWICE stepped down from the stage. The audio also played in the studio through the PA. The timing happened to capture the commercial’s script being read without any background music. We’ve explained everything in the text, but this will make more sense if you watch the video.

— SBS KPOP Team Manager

SBS concludes by giving an apology to TWICE and their fans for the misunderstanding.

We understand that any unreasonable criticism toward the artists you love can be upsetting. We know that the controversy sparked from such love. Thus, we apologize again for failing to prevent such misunderstandings in the first place. We, at SBS KPOP, feel the same way the fans do. We’re truly sorry for TWICE fans who, even though it was a misunderstanding, felt upset about this. We also apologize to TWICE and agency representatives who may have grown concerned about the upset fans.

— SBS KPOP Team Manager