TWICE’s Singing Skills Are Criticized Once Again

Netizens just keep wanting “More & More” from the girls.

It seems like TWICE has once again been swept up into controversy for their singing skills. The members returned to the scene with goddess-like looks and a gorgeous concept, complete with a catchy song, “More & More“. As the song topped the charts immediately, winning them an undisputed first place against Baekhyun, TXT and MONSTA X, on the 10th June episode of “Show Champion“, the girls were invited to perform an encore stage for fans, as per music show tradition.

Despite the fact that Tzuyu and Momo are foreign members, netizens did not go easy on the girls, criticizing them for their poor pronunciation, citing their many years of experience in Korea. Momo in particular, faced criticism for her off-key pitch despite singing without choreography during the encore stage.

Comments include “Honestly this is nothing new”, “We were fooled by the backing track”, and “If they can’t even sing well standing still, it’s kind of a shock”. On the other hand, some were defensive of TWICE, stating that “it’s not a real stage, just an encore performance and so they can sing casually, what’s wrong with that?” as well as “other singers too, often just joke around during the encore stage”.

It has been noted that while “Show Champion” usually uploads videos of the encore stages on YouTube and Naver, they have omitted TWICE’s this week, although recordings of the stage have been saved and circulated by fans online. This has caused speculation that the video was omitted due to the controversy.

However, “Show Champion” representatives have responded that this is not the case, and they usually do editing prior to uploading, shouNld the particular stage hold special meaning. The win on “Show Champion” is the song’s first win.

On the other hand, in addition to being an amazing dancer, ONCEs have pointed out that Momo has demonstrated her singing skills on other platforms such as during encore stages in JYP Family concerts.

Source: Nate