One Scene From “All Of Us Are Dead” Gets Revisited For Its Comedically “Obvious” Set Use

According to netizens, it was so obvious the scene was “awkward.”

Netflix‘s All of Us Are Dead is making headlines once again and this time, it’s because of their production set.

Poster for “All of Us Are Dead.”

Recently an anonymous netizen shared on an online community their thoughts about one particular scene from the apocalyptic series. The scene in question featured the two male leads, Cheong San (played by Yoon Chan Young) and Su Hyeok (played by Solomon Park) scaling across the outside of the school building in an effort to run away from the zombies.

However, despite the daunting situation that the two characters faced, they began chatting about their love lives. At one point, Su Hyeok can be seen jokingly nudging Cheong San “off” the ledge.

As the two characters continued with their building scaling and love story exchanges, it was here that netizens realized the set was too “set-like.”

It was this particular portion of the scene—when Cheong San and Su Hyeok transitioned from walking on the ledge to crawling over using their hands—that netizens deemed “anti-climactic.” They also discussed the strange lighting situation that was shown in this scene as well. Netizens believed that the artificial lighting cast weird shadows, creating a strange scene.

Netizens immediately gathered to share their thoughts on the scene, as they all unanimously agreed that while All of Us Are Dead was a good series, this scene was too “obvious.”

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  • “What is going on with the lighting.”
  • “I think there was an issue with the director’s skills. This scene was supposed to make you feel on edge, but the lighting was one thing and the scene was calm…”
  • “For real hahaha I usually can’t tell, but with this one I thought ‘wow, this is too obvious’ hahahaha I was wondering why this scene felt so awkward, but it’s because of the shadows.”
  • “What is this.”
  • “This looks too much like a set with artificial lighting hahaha where is the ambient lighting.”
  • “So it wasn’t just me who felt this way haha”
  • “What the…this is way too obvious.”
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In related news, All of Us Are Dead has been continuing to break records on Netflix, as it crushes the viewership ratings of its previous first place holders, Hellbound and Squid Game.

Source: theqoo and WikiTree

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