Fans Enraged At “After School Club” For Showing LOONA Fan Art During NATURE’s Live Broadcast


Rookie girl group NATURE appeared as a guest on Arirang’s After School Club where they had quite an embarrassing experience.


This was because After School Club had accidentally shown some of LOONA’s fanart instead of NATURE’s during the live show.


After seeing that some of the fan art was not theirs, the members could not hide their surprise and seemed very confused.


Fans pointed out the fanart shown on the program that was clearly LOONAs and became very sympathetic towards the rookie group for having to endure the humiliation.


Many fans were angry at the careless mistake and expressed that After School Club should apologize for the error.


The fan who had mailed the fan art, however, has since spoken up confessing that it a mistake on their part for sending the mail with the wrong subject and apologizing to NATURE and their fans.