Additional Ex-Schoolmate Speaks Up About LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam

Another has stepped up.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Garam has been the talk of town lately with her school violence accusations and controversy. A victim stepped forward through a statement by her legal counsel. On the other hand, HYBE has responded to the statement and Kim Garam has since been put on hiatus.

As many slammed HYBE over their defense of Kim Garam, another ex-schoolmate stepped up with another account of what Kim Garam allegedly was like in middle school.

Account from her alleged ex-schoolmate. | Nate Pann

I’m Kim Garam’s schoolmate and I ended up entering the dance team without choice because Kim Garam said we should do it together. There were two year ones in the dance team and of course, it was basic for Kim Garam to glare at them. There was a kid called HI and she got the formations wrong a few times so [Garam] went like, “HI-ah, if you keep getting it wrong like this and giving harm to others then just leave. They only chose you because there was space left anyway.” While she was busy laughing it up with her friends, HI would of course say she’s sorry again and [Garam] would hear that and say crap like “What do you mean sorry LOL it was a joke.” There were many moments that the vibes were ruined by Kim Garam and there wasn’t much time left to the One Heart Festival where we had to perform at so someone suggested on the group chat that we should increase practices from two times a week to four and Kim Garam was like “who’s good is it for? We’re not performing at some huge festival so is this just your pride as a captain?” I was dumbfounded and wanted to say something but I didn’t. And it’s true she came over in year one because of a forced transfer. The dance team members were sitting in a circle to try to get close with each other and were introducing themselves and saying our TMIs and she f*cking proudly said, “Kids, do you know the reason I transferred here?” so everyone was like, because you moved…? but Kim Garam covered her face with her hand and laughed and said, “No, it’s because I hit someone LOL.” Everyone’s faces was like ??? while Kim Garam was laughing it up by herself. She said she was going to be an idol now so she got it together but who knew she really would debut… When she entered HYBE and got word that her debut was confirmed, she brought snacks to the HI kid and apologized. I guess there was another kid she tiffed with in class so she apologized to her too… anyway that’s it. It’s true she bullied someone but HYBE delivering a second round of harm to the victim? I was never cursed out by Kim Garam but I just wanted to let people know that her actions were really bad.

⁠— Alleged Ex-schoolmate

A screenshot of the comments Kim Garam allegedly mentioned in the group chat was included as proof.

Kim Garam in the dance team group chat. | Nate Pann


Anyway it’s not like we’re going to perform at a huge festival…

Just who’s good is it for, for us to meet four times? LOL

⁠— Kim Garam

In order to further verify the account, other netizens dug up an old post from the dance team of Kim Garam’s middle school, Kyungin Middle School. The post mentioned the One Heart Festival as well as listed a HI in the year ones involved.

Old post from Garam’s dance team in middle school. | Nate Pann

Hello! This is Kyungin Middle School’s Garnet. Today we had prepared a performance for the One Heart Festival’s morning show. Thank you for those that came despite the early time. The year threes could not practice much due to it being exam time so there’s some lacking there but please look upon us favorably!

⁠— Kyungin Middle School Dance Team Garnet

The highlighted portion for “UH-OH” includes Kim Garam’s name in year two as well as Jang Hye In in year one. The account from her ex-schoolmate has convinced netizens that Kim Garam was indeed involved in some form of school violence.

HYBE has not spoken about the new allegations so far.


Source: Nate Pann

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