An Australian Government Agency Uses “Bluey” To Give A K-Pop Group An Unexpected “Shoutout”

Never expected this kind of cross-over!

One of the most popular programs intended for children these days is “Bluey.” The Australian TV show is about a blue heeler named Bluey and her adventures with her family and friends.

| Disney

The show is popular outside of children as well, with it receiving praise for the way it has handled serious issues in ways easy to understand, like infertility, premature birth, and death. Bluey is available in many different languages worldwide, only contributing to its popularity.

The show recently had a K-Pop connection created by one of the Australian government’s agencies!

Screen Australia is the Australian Federal Government’s key funding body for the screen production industry. According to its website, Screen Australia “supports the development, production, promotion, and distribution of Australian narrative (drama) and documentary screen content”  and “invests directly in Australian film, television, online titles and games.”

This includes Bluey, meaning the show is promoted occasionally on the agency’s social media. In a TikTok shared to its account, Screen Australia included a moment featuring Bluey’s father.

The short clip shows the dog following across the room, pretending to be a robot.

The move might stand out to some K-Pop fans as it is similar to a key part of SHINee’s choreography for “Sherlock.”

Likely after seeing this viral TikTok published on January 1, Screen Australia was inspired to share the moment on its account!


he’s so curious yeah #shinee #kpop #bluey #shineeworld #fyp

♬ Sherlock·셜록 (Clue + Note) – SHINee


Bandit is one curious dad yeah 😌 #shineesback #bluey #fyp #shineeworld 🎥 credit: @Rae @SHINee

♬ original sound – Screen Australia

Screen Australia played along further, saying that Bandit, Bluey’s father, is just the right age to be a Shawol.

Fans enjoyed the unexpected crossover, with Screen Australia flexing its K-Pop knowledge!

| Screen Australia/TIkTok


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