SE7EN belatedly denies having received sexual services during his past massage parlour incident

Soloist SE7EN has released a statement regarding the 2013 massage parlor controversy that took place during his mandatory military enlistment. SE7EN had was initially placed in the celebrity public relations department as an active soldier following his enlistment on March 19, 2013.

However, the singer was embroiled in a controversy regarding a massage parlor, receiving sexual services, and an illegal visit to the parlor. As a result, the celebrity department in the military was abolished and SE7En was disciplined with 10 days added to his service. SE7EN was discharged from the military on December 28, 2014.

The statement released regarding the controversy comes after news of SE7EN’s long awaited Korean comeback announcement under his new label, ELEVEN9.

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Below is Koreaboo’s direct translation of SE7EN’s statement: 

“Hello this is SE7EN.

Before I begin, I would like to apologize to my fans and those who love me for not being able to communicate with all of you.

I really don’t know where to begin and I feel I must be very cautious in what I say.

Since yesterday I have been in a lot of pain. Many thoughts filled my head and I realized that those around me could be put through so much pain because of my existence. I held my silence thinking, ‘they will find out the truth when the time comes’… but in the end I was wrong and everything is my fault.

I let things by without fighting to reveal the truth, thinking it would cause more pain and that the truth would be something a lot of people would not want to hear.

However, I have decided to work up the courage for those who cheer for me and for those who would listen to me.

At that time, we visited a Thai and Chinese traditional massage shop (which we were not able to enter because they were closed) before we visited the last massage parlor, where we were shown entering.

The broadcast did not show us going to the previous two places and they showed us entering only the last place, as if we had bad intentions from the beginning.

We were waiting to receive our massages from the blind* when we thought that people may misunderstand our intentions, so we cancelled and left.

(*Editor’s note: The type of massage parlors SE7EN and Sangchoo visited hire blind people to give massages, hence SE7EN mentioning the blind.)

I did not partake in any of the activities that many people seem to accuse me of and I did not even have the intention of doing so.

All of this was investigated by the military 3 years ago and I was not charged with anything other than ‘leaving one’s station and marring the image of the military’.

However, now I realize that I was still wrong to abandon my post and for that I am still deeply regretful. Many things happened because of my actions and I am sorry for everything. To those who give me the power to carry on, I want to be someone who they can rely on. I will be careful in everything I do and show only good things.

Thank you for reading such a long letter.”

Source: My Daily