Search for 9 Remaining Sewol Ferry Victims Continues After Ship Is Brought To Land

The interior of the Sewol Ferry has finally been revealed after being brought back to land for the search of missing victims.

The Sewol Ferry was finally brought back to land on April 9, 3 years after the tragic accident that took the lives of 304 of its passengers. While most of the victims were found, the search has begun again for the final 9 as the Sewol Ferry is taken apart for investigations.

Photos were taken of the ferry’s interior and it seems like the 3 years underwater had caused more damage than was expected. Most of the ferry’s infrastructure was rotten and collapsing, and most of it was completely

Most of the ferry’s infrastructure was rotten and collapsing or completely unrecognizable. The search for the missing victims began on April 19 under the guidance of 8 Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries officials.

Here are some of the photos taken from the ferry.

The damage done to the walls and ceiling.

The ferry is barely together.

The corridor leading to the back of the ferry.

More wall and ceiling damage.

What remains of the ferry’s cabins.

This used to be the kitchen of the ferry.

This is said to have been the restaurant.

Everything is completely unrecognizable now.

An official with recovered luggage.

Source: Korea Times