Actor Jang Dong Yoon Is The Most Successful Fan Of f(x)’s Krystal Ever

Luckiest fanboy ever.

For rising actor Jang Dong Yoon, his role in OCN‘s latest drama, Search, could very well be his life’s greatest stroke of luck! 

He shared that even before he was an actor, during his army days, he was an absolute fan of f(x). His co-star in Search, Krystal Jung, is a member of the beloved girl group herself.

Jang Dong Yoon revealed that every army man has that one girl group song that gives them hope. For him, it was f(x)’s “Electric Shock”. He also further expressed his blessings, praising Krystal for being an absolute angel on set. Contrary to her sharp looks, Krystal has a soft side as well as an open mind that helps with acting.


Krystal immediately told Jang Dong Yoon during their first meeting that he seemed like she had met him before, sharing just how comfortable she was with her co-star! What a successful fan!

Search airs on 17 October 2020 at 10.30pm KST on OCN. It is about an elite officer that harbors a secret, that is sent on a mission with a sergeant that has only a little time left before he finishes his service. Together, they escape from a mysterious creature near the border.

Source: Newsen


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