Season 2 Of “Sweet Home” Reportedly In The Works — But Only Lee Si Young And Park Gyu Young Will Return

This news has created mass confusion amongst fans.

Netflix‘s very own Sweet Home is about to get a second season, but some of the original cast may not be returning.

Poster for “Sweet Home” | Netflix

According to different media reports and insiders, the webtoon based series will begin shooting for its second season sometime this winter. Following the massive success of the first season, it isn’t surprising that the Netflix series would have a follow-up season. However, what is surprising is the fact that only a few of the original actors will be making a return.

As a matter of fact, it’s been reported that only Lee Si Young, who played Seo Yi Kyung and Park Gyu Young, who played Yoon Ji Soo would be coming back for the next installment of Sweet Home.

Actress Lee Si Young in “Sweet Home” | Netflix

This means that the main character Song Kang, as well as Go Min SiLee Jin Wook and Lee Do Hyun will not be appearing in the upcoming follow-up season of the production.

Actor Song Kang (left) and Go Min Si (right) in “Sweet Home” | Netflix

It was further reported that the rest of the actors for Sweet Home season 2 will be brand new to the series, with some of the replacement main characters having already been cast.

Naturally, this news has caused quite the confusion amongst the show’s fans, as many wondered how the show would go on without its main characters.

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  • “At least Lee Jin Wook needs to come out ㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “Isn’t Song Kang the main character..?”
  • “So are they changing the main character? ㅋㅋ interesting”
  • “Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Go Min Si are all not returning..?”
  • “Are they not returning because they’re all popular enough to be main leads now”
  • “But what is is Song Kang’s reason for not returning. I wonder if he received a casting offer for a better production.”
  • “Huh…? What are they going to do if the main character isn’t returning. They need to give us a proper ending.”
  • “Park Kyu Young we love you so much!!!”
  • “What? Don’t Song Kang and Lee Jin Wook have to return?? Are they just going to make a spin-off….”
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Sweet Home is a Netflix original series that is based off a Naver webtoon series with the same name. The K-Drama follows the story of a lonely high school student, Hyeon Su (played by Song Kang) who tragically lost his family and was forced to move to a new apartment.

The visuals of the production and the unique story line immediately captivated viewers, as the show went on to see worldwide success. Following its premiere, Sweet Home quickly began to rank in Netflix’s “Top 10”, with the apocalyptic horror series topping the charts in more than 70 countries.

Actor Lee Jin Wook (left) and Park Gyu Young (right) | Netflix

With the world renowned success of the first season, the expectations remain high for the second installment of the series. However, many can’t help but wonder how the second season will pan out without the return of some of the series’ key characters.

No premiere date has been revealed so be on the lookout for further announcements.

Source: JTBC