SECHS KIES’ Kang Sunghoon Caught Up In Scandal Again For Reportedly Breaking Into A House

His stylist was allegedly assaulted during the break in.

SECHS KIESKang Sunghoon and his stylist were reported to the police for breaking and entering his ex-manager’s house. According to police reports, Kang Sunghoon and his female stylist caused a scene at his ex-manager’s house after they visited his home, wanting to talk with him.

The ex-manager’s older brother reported them to the police for breaking and entering, and the police were called to the scene. The situation seemed to have settled down with the arrival of the police, but a witness claimed that Kang Sunghoon and his stylist began harassing the ex-manager as soon as the police left. A second batch of policemen were called to the scene.

“After the 1st batch of policement left, Kang Sunghoon and his stylist got out of the car that they were waiting in. When the [ex-manager] grabbed a taxi to go see his lawyer, [Kang Sunghoon and his stylist] suddenly blocked the taxi and used force to try and grab the [ex-manager’s] phone out of his hands.

The [ex-manager] reported them to the police again afterwards, and a 2nd batch of policemen came.”

— Witness

When the police arrived again, the stylist claimed that she was assaulted by the ex-manager’s roommate. She held up her wrist to show them a bruise as proof.

“I have a bruise on my wrist because I was assaulted.

This incident has nothing to do with Kang Sunghoon, and I have no relation to Kang Sunghoon.”

— Stylist

The ex-manager and his roommate deny claims of assaulting her. They insist they only demanded that they leave and did not use force.

“Kang Sunghoon and his acquaintances refused the police’s orders for them to leave, and [the stylist] even came in through the front door and threatened me.

We only told them to leave. We didn’t assault her.”

— Ex-Manager’s Roommate

The ex-manager and his lawyer announced that they will be taking legal actions against Kang Sunghoon and his acquaintances for breaking and entering.

“We are going to file a formal complaint against Kang Sunghoon and his party for illegal house invasion, confinement, compulsion, and more.”

— Ex-Manager’s Lawyer

The police discovered that the ex-manager is a key suspect in Kang Sunghoon’s recent fraud scandal. Kang Sunghoon and his stylist have repeatedly requested his ex-manager to meet them ever since the ex-manager left the agency back in August.

Source: SBS funE