Sechs Kies’ Lee Jaejin Announces He Will Be Getting Married

Congratulations to Lee Jaejin and his fiancée!

Sechs Kies member Lee Jaejin has announced he will be getting married soon.

Through his agency, YG Entertainment, Lee Jaejin shared the news to his fans around the world.

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

Sechs Kies member Lee Jaejin met a precious person, and it resulted in something beautiful.

We are relaying his message below.

We would like it if you could happily congratulate him.

— YG Entertainment

Hello, this is Sechs Kies’ Lee Jaejin.

I am writing this because there is something I want to tell my fans who have been by my side for a long time, always giving me their warm support.

I debuted with Sechs Kies in 1997 at the young age of 18. Now I am already in my early 40s. Recently, I promised to spend the rest of my life with one woman.

Everyone is having a difficult time these days due to the Covid-19 situation, so we will not be holding a wedding ceremony, but instead share a simple meal between our two families.

Once again, I want to thank my fans who have given me infinite amounts of love, and thank my members who took care of me as if I was their brother.

Now that I will be part of a happy family, we will support each other, and I will be responsible as the head of a household.

Thank you.

— Lee Jaejin

Congratulations to Lee Jaejin and his fiancée!

Source: Newsen