Second-Generation Female Idol Opens Up About Being Inappropriately Touched

She also shared advice for other women in that situation!

Second-generation female idol SISTAR’s Soyou has revealed a story where she was inappropriately touched, sharing advice with other women.

SISTAR’s Soyou | @soooo_you/Instagram

During a recent video, Soyou honestly spoke about a moment she was inappropriately touched while on public transport. The idol revealed that while she was on the subway, a man touched her bottom.

She explained that it was during rush hour and there were people all around her, and she got her fellow guest to help showcase what happened.

Soyou continued by saying that she was surrounded by people, specifying men, and at one point, someone just grabbed her bottom.

While it was going to be shocking, Soyou went to react as they arrived at the next station stop, she shouted curse words at him and chased after him, but sadly he got away.

Soyou sadly pointed out that when women try to tell men not to touch them, they often get responses that gaslight them.

Yet, Soyou made sure to give advice to other women on what to do if they are being inappropriately touched. She explained that you must use your elbows to try and create some separation, and hopefully, it will draw attention so that people can help.

Sadly, it isn’t uncommon for women to face situations like this when they are in public.

Source: 짠한형 신동엽
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