Second-Generation Idol Opens Up About Her Mother— “I Don’t Even Know Her Face”

She shared a bit about her family.

Former Wonder Girls member Sunye appeared on KBS‘s Park Won Sook’s Let’s Live Together and shared a bit about her life and her family.

I’m still a bit unfamiliar with this type of observational reality show. Most people remember me from Wonder Girls, but I’ve been married for over ten years and am a mother of three girls.

Sunye debuted as Wonder Girls in 2007 as a senior in high school, after going through a long trainee period.

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“I was a trainee for about six years. I started training in sixth grade. Strangely, I wanted to be a singer at a young age. And you know that saying about being courageous if you don’t know anything?

I was raised by my grandmother in Sokcho and didn’t have much money or connections. My parents weren’t around, and I grew up with my grandparents, and I don’t know why I thought to become a singer, but my dreams came true at a young age.”

While talking about her role in the musical, My Mom, she revealed the sad story about her mother.


“I didn’t use the word ‘mom’ a lot growing up. I always called my grandmother, but through this musical I was able to say the word a lot. I think I said a lifetime’s worth of the word ‘mom’ while practicing for the show.

Honestly, I don’t really remember. I remember seeing her sometimes until I was about five years old, but around that time she passed away due to a car accident. My father passed after I succeeded as the Wonder Girls and was promoting in the states. So, honestly, I don’t know my mother’s face. My grandmother passed after I got married and was pregnant with my second daughter.

I didn’t know my mother’s face, but a few years ago, my aunt found a photo and gave me a photo of her for the first time. It felt strange. She looked different from how I imagined and it was the first time in 34 years that I realized that this was my mom.”

Sunye with her grandmother | KBS

She added that she was happy to hear the word “mom” from her children, as it was something she wasn’t able to say as a child. Glad to see she’s enjoying her life with her family and her musical career!

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