Second-Generation Idol Reveals She Had To Diet Constantly Due To “Crazy Perverts”

“The perverts would make comments and laugh among themselves.”

Rainbow‘s Hyunyoung reveals the reason why she had to diet constantly while promoting as an idol.

Hyunyoung | @cho_hyunyoung/Instagram

On January 26, Hyunyung uploaded a YouTube video titled “The Reason Why I Dieted.”

In the video, the idol reveals her struggle with her weight while she promoted with Rainbow.

A long time ago I gained a lot of weight. The most I’ve ever weighed was 49kgs. I have never weighed more than 50kgs.

— Hyunyoung

The idol continued stating that when she did gain weight, she was shocked to see “dirty” comments from “perverts.” Hyunyoung reveals that she was traumatized by the comments and, therefore, continuously dieted.

I lost a lot of weight while promoting ‘A,’ but gained a lot of the weight back after promoting for ‘Mach.’ (I realized) that when I gained weight, there were a lot of dirty comments. The crazy perverts would make comments and laugh among themselves. I was really shocked after reading that.

— Hyunyoung

Hyunyoung reflected on her unhealthy eating habits and revealed that she has a much healthier diet now. The idol also expressed that she was happier with herself now.

I would work out without eating (while promoting for ‘A’). Because of this, my personality was bad. Now, I’ve researched the correct way to diet and maintain my weight. I like my appearance now more than my appearance back then.

— Hyunyoung

Hyunyoung debuted with Rainbow in 2009. The group became one of the most beloved groups in the second generation and rose to popularity thanks to hits like “A” and “Black Swan.” Recently, Hyunyoung opened a YouTube channel where she has 134K subscribers.

Rainbow | DSP Media

You can watch the full video in the link below.

Source: wikitree
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