Second-Generation Idols’ Styling Comes Under Fire For Looking Like “Diapers”

“They put two gorgeous women in fuzzy diapers…”

While fashion trends in K-Pop come and go and gain different reactions, one that has always had mixed reactions is outfits resembling “diapers.”

In 2011, Girls’ Day got criticism for their “diaper” fashion with the short dresses
BLACKPINK Jennie’s outfit had netizens confused as they thought the shorts looked like a “diaper” | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Although the trend has been adapted in styles across fashion, second-generation idols SISTAR19‘s Bora and Hyolyn have gained mixed reactions to outfits for their new song.

SISTAR19’s Hyolyn and Bora | @sistarsistar/Twitter

Earlier in the month, SISTAR19 had a comeback with the badass AF song “NO MORE.”


Recently, the duo posted a new short on YouTube for their song.

In the video, the pair looked like they were in a winter wonderland and showcased their unreal visuals and continuous talent in a white fluffy ensemble.


Yet, the outfits have gained attention for the wrong reasons, as netizens have compared the shorts they wore to a diaper.

Although the video only became a hot topic amongst Korean netizens on January 26, the comments under the video had been discussing the controversial “diaper” fashion since it was first posted. In particular, at first glance, many thought it looked like Huggies, which is a diaper brand.

Yet, even before the TikTok challenge was posted, netizens shared their concerns about the outfits and how they looked like “diapers.” While the two idols look amazing with their visuals, netizens couldn’t get over how ridiculous the pants looked.

While Bora and Hyolyn are truly pioneers in K-Pop, sometimes fashion can be so extreme that even the most stunning idols would be criticized for it. The “Diaper” trend might be one of those.

Source: Slap ENTERTAINMENT and theqoo