Secret’s Hyosung speaks against rumors surrounding TS Entertainment

Hyosung, leader of girl group Secret, spoke up against the recent circulating rumors about TS Entertainment‘s distribution of unfair wages. 

On December 2nd, Hyosung denied the accused rumors and conflicts between Secret and TS entertainment.

The idol star quoted, “I feel like you are all worried about things that are not even real. Our days are still fun and busy with occasional schedules going on shows and dramas, who preparing for our next album. Our babies, don’t worry about Secret, instead why don’t you consider about things like ‘How can I end off the year well?, What can I do in the coming year? , What should I do at the fan club initiation?’. Try to diverge your interest and love in those things. That is more appreciated by us.”

Meanwhile, with the ongoing dispute between TS Entertainment and B.A.P, who have cited an unfair contract on November 26th with a suit to void their contract, reports of another group being paid unfair wages under the agency have also emerged.

Source: Hankyung