When You See These Friendship Bracelets On SM Entertainment Idols, You’ll Know What’s Up

They’re handmade by the one and only!

On June 27, 2020, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon uploaded this picture on her Instagram @taeyeon_ss:

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팔찌 내가 만들었다?

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Guess what, I made this bracelet?

— Taeyeon

Following immediately, her comments became flooded with her fellow SM Entertainment idol friends placing orders for their own.

SHINee’s Key (left), Red Velvet’s Yeri (center), Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon (right)

As soon as SHINee‘s cheeky Key asked for his in mint, Red Velvet‘s Yeri and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon also shamelessly asked for theirs. Soon, Taeyeon responded with a pleasantly surprised “#SellingQuickly” to show these orders have indeed been placed!

Taeyeon later shared another Instagram story capturing the orders being fulfilled:

Next time you see anyone from the family of Taeyeon, Key, Yeri, and/or Hyoyeon wearing these giant beaded bracelets…

Yay, oppa. We got it!

— Yeri

… you’ll know exactly where they come from!

  • “They’re all so cute, LOL. I love how they all picked their colors.”
  • “Taeyeon is adorable… And the idols’ reactions too!”
  • “Unnie, you’re so nice…”
  • “Okay, this is seriously too cute guys. LOL.”
  • “LMAO. I love how Key keeps going for everything mint-colored. This is so UWU. I can’t get enough of how close they are!”
  • “Taeyeon’s Instagram is always full of small, cute things she likes to make. LOL. They’re all precious.”
Source: THEQOO