Seo In Guk To Be Relieved Of Military Service

After being sent home with a fractured ankle, Seo In Guk has now been exempted from military service.

Seo In Guk’s agency released a statement, including a timeline of his medical exams.

“On March 31, Seo In Guk was sent home while receiving basic training  due to an osteochondral lesion in his left ankle. He received a medical reexamination on April 27 and was notified that he would require a more thorough checkup, which he completed on June 5 at the Central Physical Examination Center of Military Manpower Administration in Daegu.”

— Jellyfish Entertainment

After his last checkup on June 5, Seo In Guk received news that he has Osteochondritis dissecans, a joint condition where the bone of a joint dies due to lack of blood flow.

The lesions caused by Osteochondritis dissecans. Source: Huffington Post

Jellyfish Entertainment added that the Osteochondritis dissecans resulted in Seo In Guk receiving a grade five health rating, making him exempt from military duties.

The agency also made clear that they are unable to answer any questions on the situation at this time, and hinted at a possible future update.

Source: Sedaily