Popular Actress Lashes Out At Husband In Shocking Divorce Announcement

“I am so happy, I’ve been waiting for this moment…”

Actress Seo Yu Ri announced her divorce from her husband after 5 years.

Seo Yu Ri | Maeil Kyungjae

On March 30, Seo Yu Ri announced her divorce during a livestream. In the stream, the actress revealed that she is getting a divorce and is currently building a home for herself.

I am currently going through a divorce. I am so happy. I’ve been waiting for this moment. I am building a home in Yongin. I am building a quaint (home) to live in alone.

— Seo Yu Ri

The actress then revealed her relief after sharing the news.

I feel so relieved after telling you guys. You guys were pissing me off because you kept asking about my ex. I have moved out, of course, and we are communicating through our lawyers.

— Seo Yu Ri

Seo Yu Ri also shared that she isn’t going to waste any time mourning over her marriage and exposed her husband as being unloving.

I am now legally single, so I am going to go on blind dates. Don’t you think I’ve become prettier? I got uglier because I did not receive any love. I felt I wasn’t being acknowledged as a woman, even though I don’t think I lacked anything.

— Seo Yu Ri

Meanwhile, Seo Yu Ri is an actress and also arguably the most famous voice actress in Korea. She married her husband, MBC producer Choi Byung Gil, in 2019.


Source: wikitree
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