What Filming The Sensual Stepping Scene In Netflix’s “Love And Leashes” Was Like, According To Seohyun And Lee Jun Young

“I was worried about that.”

Recently, the Korean movie Love And Leashes was finally released on Netflix. It shocked netizens for two main reasons: its S&M theme and the fact that K-Pop idols Seohyun (Girls’ Generation) and Lee Jun Young (U-KISS) took on the leading roles.

Lee Jun Young (left) and Seohyun (right) | Netflix

In an interview with YouTube channel The Swoon, Seohyun and Lee Jun Young reacted to specific scenes in the movie. The Girls’ Generation member even shared what it was like filming the sensual stepping scene that took many breaths away.

She revealed that they were both completely new to the action, so before filming, they discussed how they were going to do it. She thought long and hard about how to express her emotions.

This is the second play. You gave me a birthday gift. ‘So, should I step on you?‘ Then I step on you. We were new to this action. So we talked about it a lot, the direction we should go. As a person stepping on you, I was worried about how to express my emotions and how much I should express it.

— Seohyun

Aside from that, Seohyun also worried about how to avoid hurting Lee Jun Young with her heels, knowing it would be obvious if she did it lightly.

And I had to step on you for real. I didn’t want to actually hurt you, but then if I faked it too much, it would show. So I was worried about that.

— Seohyun

She then asked him if she looked scary in that scene and Lee Jun Young praised her, saying, “You looked very much like a master. You were very charismatic.”

He added that the difficulty he personally faced while filming was being unable to look at her. He was crouched on the floor as she stepped on his back, so he could only manage to glance at the ceiling light.

I wanted to look at you properly, [but I couldn’t] because of the pose. I had to look at a light on the ceiling as I said, ‘I’m so happy.’

— Lee Jun Young

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Source: YouTube

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