Seohyun Is Convinced That Fans Will Be Meeting Girls’ Generation Again 

She also warns fans to stop using “former Girls’ Generation member” on her. 

Seohyun gave a subtle reminder for all the fans and press describing her as a former Girls’ Generation member. 


It was in an interview following end of her drama where she emphasized that Girls’ Generation was not ‘past’ but ‘present’ and ‘future.’ She added that she never left the group so she’s certainly not a ‘former member.’


She also revealed that they will surely return as Girls’ Generation once more. 


Especially as she admits to rely on them when she overcomes dark times when working as an actress…

“I only feel better with sisters. It’s fun to meet them because I’m the youngest. It’s healing, they are just so funny.”

— Seohyun  


Even shedding tears with the support she received while filming her drama…

Seohyun Sheds Tears From The Support Of Girls’ Generation Members


Aside from hinting on a possible Girls’ Generation return, Seohyun is also preparing one for her own. But remains mum when pressed about further details. 


Source: Mydaily

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