Seolhyun’s photo removed from “Visit Korea” website

It seems like AOA’s controversy had some more recursions with their activities as Seolhyun’s image disappeared from “Visit Korea” website

On May 22nd, it was discovered that Seolhyun’s promotional image for the “Visit Korea” campaign has been removed from the homepage and corresponding SNS accounts, leaving only photos of fellow ambassador Lee Min Ho. 

It was immediately linked as a direct effect of her recent controversy from Channel AOA where she failed to answer a basic historical question with member Jimin.

A representative from the Ministry, however, stated that while Seolhyun’s image has been taken down from their website and Facebook account, there are no plans to cancel her role as honorary ambassador.
Image: “Visit Korea” / Dispatch
Image: "Visit Korea" / Dispatch
Image: “Visit Korea” / Dispatch

Source: Dispatch