Seonghwa Finally Showed His Abs In ATEEZ’s Latest Performance Teaser, And ATINYs Are Not Okay

Fans are going crazy about some other things in the teasers as well.

ATEEZ is set to have a much-anticipated comeback on July 29 with ATEEZ ZERO: FEVER Part. 1, and they’ve been teasing fans with instrumentals and snippets of the songs “INCEPTION” and “THANXX”, along with gorgeous teaser images.


On July 17, the group dropped short performance previews of both of the songs as well, and fans are losing their minds over some of the blessed visuals that they’re receiving for this comeback.

Seonghwa in particular is being praised and complimented for the crop top he’s wearing in the “INCEPTION” performance teaser, which made him flash impressively toned abs during the dance.

He’s not one of the visuals of ATEEZ for no reason! He has also teased his abs in the copy of BAZAAR magazine that the group has a photoshoot in, making fans feel even more blessed.

Other members of ATEEZ are being discussed for their visuals in the performance videos as well. Wooyoung‘s mini ponytail in the “THANXX” teaser, in particular, is making ATINYs squeal.

Everyone is also in love with Yunho‘s colorful highlights…

Mingi‘s undercut hairstyle…

San‘s lip piercing…

As well as Hongjoong in a skirt.

In short, ATEEZ’s visuals are stunning this comeback, and they’re really treating ATINYs to these incredible teasers and previews!

Watch the performance videos below: