Seongnam Fire Department Reveals More Details About Sulli’s Death

They shared more details.

The Seongnam Fire Department has revealed that by the time they arrived to Sulli’s apartment, Sulli had already passed away.

It is true that Sulli has passed away. By the time we arrived, Sulli was already in a state of cardiac arrest.

— Seongnam Fire Department

According to the Seongnam Fire Department, the firefighters who were dispatched to Sulli’s apartment immediately performed CPR upon arrival and discovering her, but it was futile, as she had already passed.

Since then, the fire department has been looking at the area surrounding her apartment, and have taken additional safety measures for the site, before handing investigations over to the police and forensics unit.

Previously revealed details about Sulli’s passing indicate that she did take her own life. She was discovered at 3:21 pm KST on the 2nd floor of her house by her manager, who called police immediately.

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Source: Xportnews

Sulli's Passing