Seoul Central District Court sets mediation date for Luhan and Kris this January

The Seoul Central District Court has confirmed the dates for SM Entertainment‘s mediation with former EXO members Luhan and Kris

On December 17th, a day after failing to meet an agreement during their first mediation session with Luhan’s legal representatives, Seoul Central District Court schedules a second mediation on January 16th. After failing to settle during their first session, both sides will meet once more to discuss settlement and reach an agreement for the validity of Luhan’s exclusive contract with the agency.

It was also confirmed that the third mediation between Kris and SM Entertainment will be held on the same day. As both Kris and Luhan reportedly consulted with the same legal team, the mediations will take place within 40 minutes apart of each other.

Luhan and his legal representatives met with SM Entertainment last December 16th for their first mediation for his contract nullification case after leaving the agency back in October, while Kris, who left in May, also failed to meet an agreement with the agency for his second mediation session. 

The mediation continues until both respective sides find an amicably agreement before entering a standard civil proceeding.

Source: TopStarNews and TheFact