Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon Missing After Former Secretary’s #MeToo Claims Of Years Of Sexual Harassment

He’s been accused of sexual harassment.

Seoul’s Mayor Park Won Soon, who was reported missing earlier today by his daughter, has been accused of sexual harassment in a #MeToo movement case by his former secretary.

According to a report by SBS, his former secretary filed a complaint with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on July 8, the day before his disappearance. The secretary also participated in questioning with her lawyer on the same day. She claims Park Won Soon sexually harassing her since she started working for him in 2017. She also noted that Park Won Soon sent her his personal pictures several times through messenger applications, and submitted it as evidence.

The secretary also stated she was not the only victim, as there were several others who experienced the same thing, but were too scared to report it. Following her participation in the investigation, the police reportedly determined that summoning Park Won Soon and other witnesses would be inevitable, however there is still no definite connection between Park Won Soon and the secretary yet, as the reports have not been confirmed.

Stay tuned for more updates about Park Won Soon’s actions and whereabouts.

Source: sporbiz