Seoul City Takes Over 355 Missing Persons Reports After The Itaewon Halloween Emergency

Friends and families continue to search for missing loved ones last seen in the Itaewon area.

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As of 2PM (KST), Seoul City has received 3,580 missing person reports. To better assist foreign nationals seeking updates on their loved ones, the 120 Dasan Call Center now supports calls in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese languages.

On October 29, between 10:15-10:22 PM (KST), multiple reports of a crowd surge in Itaewon were made to the Yongsan Fire Station while thousands of people participated in Halloween celebrations in the area.

Emergency responders working to reach the crowd surge victims | @hyunsuinseoul/Twitter

In the hours following the tragedy, the South Korean National Fire Agency confirmed that 149 people had died and over 150 people were injured in the crowd surge.

It is believed that around 100,000 people ventured to Itaewon to partake in the Halloween celebrations. Due to the heavy pedestrian traffic and the nature of the emergency, it was reported by multiple media outlets that internet and cell phone service in the area experienced interruptions after the tragic event, leaving it difficult for friends and family members to reach their loved ones.

Emergency responders on the scene | Ron Kim/Koreaboo

Seoul City’s Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters announced that the Hannam-dong community service center has received 44 in-person reports and 311 calls as of 8:40 AM (KST) for a total of 355 missing persons reports at this time.

For families and friends grieving the tragic loss of their loved ones, Seoul is working in cooperation with over 60 workers to support them and connect them with one of the 50 medical centers around the city for funeral processes.

| @niccijsmith/Twitter

As people seek updates on their loved ones who were last seen in the Itaewon area, the following information is available to report missing persons.

All reports of missing persons in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu can be directed to:
or the 120 Dasan Call Center.

In-person reports can be made at the Hannam-dong Community Service Center, third floor.

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Itaewon Halloween Emergency

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