Seoul Museum Of Art Hastily Denies Bullying Allegations After Youngest Civil Servant Takes Her Own Life

Their response is further arousing suspicion.

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This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

The Seoul Museum of Art has stepped forward to address the bullying allegations against their company in the midst of a tragedy.

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Just a day ago, it was reported that the youngest civil servant to pass the civil service examination had been found dead in her home. Police have discovered no foul play in her death, suggesting that she may have taken her own life. Due to the unfortunate circumstances, the public has started to make bullying allegations towards her workplace.

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The 21 year old previously garnered attention for her guest appearance on You Quiz on the Block. She became the talk of the town for being the youngest person to ever pass the difficult civil service examination. While she became the envy of many after her achievements became televised, it was what she said during her time on the show that have come back into the spotlight. Her words have increased netizens’ suspicions that she may have been bullied at her company, which was The Seoul Museum of Art.

At first it was hard for me to adjust. Working life is way more different from school life, than expected. There’s no one around my age and I am the only female in the department I was dispatched to so it is a little bit difficult.

— Deceased civil servant on You Quiz on the Block

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Not only was her young age a big factor, but the Korean public believes that her gender may have played a role in her potential workplace hardships. The Seoul Museum of Art has stepped forward to give a statement in the midst of the workplace bullying accusations that they have been receiving. Here is what they had to say.

After she came to the museum, there has been no evidence of bullying. This is not an internal problem. She did administrative work, but she wasn’t overworked. There was another employee who alway looked after her and even after her death, they went to pay their respects.

— Seoul Museum of Art representative

A former employee of the museum has also stepped forward to relay their thoughts on the situation.

Even when I worked there for a week, they made sure I clocked out on time. When new employees join the team, they don’t ever give big or difficult workloads to them. They gave basic assignments or gave them opportunities to study on work related subjects. There was never any problems between the team members. I was there for such a short time that there wasn’t an opportunity for much to happen.

— Former Seoul Museum of Art employee

After the museum released their official statement on the situation, the general consensus of the Korean public has remained the same. Suspicions only increased after their statement when the public realized the museum was too quick to deny the bullying allegations. They released their statement just one day after the tragedy occurred, giving them no time to properly investigate within their workplace. Many netizens have been asking for an internal investigation to take place at the Seoul Museum of Art so that tragedies like this don’t happen again.

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May she rest in peace.



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