Seoul Music Festival Criticized For 19+ Atmosphere Despite Children Attending

From moaning sounds to explicit cosplay outfits…

Recently, a music festival of international repute received backlash from the media and citizens of Seoul after it was revealed that they played 19+ music in a venue full of young children.

The Seoul World DJ Festival 2023 | Instiz

The Seoul World DJ Festival is a big EDM music event that was held in Seoul for three days, from June 2 to June 4. It offers a unique combination of a music festival with the attractions of an amusement park. The event is held at the Seoul Land amusement park with four different stages where various artists come to perform.

A performer on stage at the festival | Instiz

Due to its unique offerings, Seoul World DJ Festival attracts huge crowds which are not age-restricted. According to recent media reports, the event this year proved to be very inappropriate and unsafe for the children in attendance.

The main performances start at 2 PM, so usually children are present in the crowd. Media reports state that the audience members dressed up in various cosplays, which are often provocative and sexy. Additionally, the festival didn’t have enough security resources to manage such huge crowds safely. Intoxicated audience members are also not a rarity at this event.

Cosplayers at the 2023 World DJ Festival

What highlighted the need for better quality control at this festival, however, was the choice of music they played. According to reports, occasionally, they would play songs mixed with moaning sounds.

Netizens expressed their concern over this lapse attitude of the organizers to ensure a safe environment for all festival-goers. Some people who attended the festival in person also agreed that the reports are accurate.

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  • “The moaning sounds are excessive, and I honestly feel sorry for the kids.”
  • “Only if they didn’t allow kids for just one day, there won’t be any problem.”
  • “I always kind of disliked the people who would come with family members to hang out at the Seoul Land festival.”
  • “When did they play the moaning sounds? I didn’t hear anything like that at the main stage, even for once.”
    —”I went on Saturday afternoon, and it was played in a mix…LOL. There were many families there, but there were so many audiences at the World Festival I felt sorry for them…There were many people who exposed themselves a lot as well.”
Source: Instiz