Seoul police suspects female actress “A” in drug trafficking case

An actress, who has been referred to as “A,”, was questioned on alleged suspicions of the use of ecstasy by the police.

Reportedly, the 4th sector of the Seoul District Prosecutors Office, is currently investigating a drug trafficking case, the same one involving singer Bumkey, who is currently being held for trafficking charges. They have recently found reasons to suspect that actress “A” might have been using ecstasy.

Actress “A” has claimed that she has been “taking anti-depressants,” and denied the suspicions to be true. Police stated that they will continue on the investigations and will attempt to press charges on actress “A.”

Meanwhile, actress “A” has recently gained a lot of fame through numerous appearances on variety shows, and even had plans to start a new drama next year. However, with this incident on plate, this may put a halt on her upcoming projects and promotional activities.

Source: The Fact