Netizens Are Shivering at Serial Killer Choi Shin Jong’s KakaoTalk Profile Picture

It’s hard to believe this man committed such heinous murders.

Choi Shin Jong has recently been arrested for murdering two women in Jeonju and Busan, Korea, leading to the spread of his driver’s license photo online.

But what shocked netizens the most was his profile photo on the popular chatting app, KakaoTalk.


The photo shows Choi Shin Jong carrying his baby and lighting candles alongside his wife.

Seeing from the “1st” in the background, many are predicting that the photo was taken on his baby’s 1st birthday.

Netizens are shocked by how ordinary Choi Shin Jong looks in the photo as a father and a husband.

Just last month, Choi Shin Jong sexually assaulted his wife’s friend, stole her gold bracelet, and 480,000 won (~$385 USD), choked her to death and then abandoned her body. It’s been revealed that the bracelet he stole from the victim was gifted to his wife.

Three days later, Choi Shin Jong killed a woman from Busan using a similar method and abandoned her body as well.

The police are currently investigating with the prediction that he could have committed many more crimes in addition to what has been revealed.

Source: Insight